Come meet the DDEV Team at DrupalCon Nashville!

We’re going to DrupalCon Nashville next week. We’re excited to meet you at our booth, in BoFs, and sprints. Here’s where you can find us. Follow us on Twitter to find out when the popcorn is poppin! And sign up for our mailing list for release updates and news. Come meet the DDEV Team At … Continued

The Website RFP & The Impossible-to-estimate G.I. Joe Line Item

My bold claims: Every requirement within a website RFP can be met with a low, medium, or high level of effort (LOE) solution. While the difference between the low and high requirement is usually measured in single or double digit percentages (e.g., 1-99%), the difference can sometimes span several orders of magnitude (10X to 10,000X). … Continued

DDEV-Local Release v0.16.0

Announcing DDEV-Local Release v0.16.0! Faster default performance and a community contribution that makes users’ first-time setup smoother. We’re always trying to strike a balance between the amount of control we give to you, and how much we take out of your way and handle automatically so you can on with your work. We’re grateful to … Continued

Making Critical Updates Easier – What You Should Know

Professional developers–creating open source or proprietary software–have to take responsibility for every line of code they commit to a project. And they have to commit to keeping it up to date. Is the cost and pain of keeping your site updated leaving it open to vulnerabilities? DDEV is here to help make updates easier! The … Continued

Web Development Workflows Simplified

It is DDEV’s mission to create a faster, better, simpler, and more reliable web development workflow. Kamran Ahmed’s Roadmap to becoming a web developer in 2018 gives a bird’s eye view of the sprawling list of technologies a web developer needs to learn and be aware of to master web development today. From scripting languages … Continued

Top Tips for Open Source Contribution Sprints

Open Source community leaders’ tips on running successful contribution sprints – In 2018, many people seem to understand the value FOSS delivers–technical, business, and otherwise. Improved ROI, shared risk and benefit, and not competing in IT when you’re not in the IT business all make sense. We FOSS service providers spend less time nowadays explaining how … Continued

Install, test, repeat – Rapid local development with DDEV

I wanted to know how Joe Shindelar manages to generate and deliver hundreds of hours of Drupal learning content and where DDEV fits into the picture. Joe is ‎Lead Trainer and Lead Developer at Lullabot Education, where they provide expert Drupal training on the e-learning site     Joe told me, “I use DDEV pretty … Continued

DDEV – A local development environment that just works

Adam Bergstein (aka nerdstein, VP of Engineering at Hook 42) has been on a long search for the ideal local development environment. Adam has a diverse set of responsibilities at work, analyzing and supporting client needs for sales and another set of needs around his deep involvement in open source software communities and contribution. You … Continued

Removing the Biggest Barrier to Contribution

An open source project needs a steady intake of users who supply feedback and improvements, especially in the form of code. Project maintainers need support from other contributors. To make the flow of contribution, we need to help people over one of the biggest (and often overlooked) barriers to contribution: the local development environment. In … Continued