Tracy Evans

Tracy Evans

Tracy Evans, Partner at Open Strategy Partners and Mannheim Business School MBA, brings to the table more than 12 years of strategic marketing, technology, and management experience, spanning classic enterprise environments as well as the digital startup scene, where she has helped organisations connect their value propositions to their target audiences. She has presented dozens of workshops, seminars, and sessions for a variety of audiences across the business world, from startups to enterprise leaders to open source core development teams, agencies, and events.

Posts by Tracy Evans:

Dev-to-Deploy: The Evolution & Landscape of Modern Web Development

Over the past twenty years, web application development has evolved, hand-in-hand with the role of IT in business. Development methodologies have sprung up in response to this evolution. Each new development methodology has tended to build on its predecessors and also reflected the growing importance of IT and move IT and business decision-making closer and … Continued

Why DevOps, Containers, and Tooling Matter in Digital Transformation

The ever-accelerating pressure to deliver faster, simpler, better products and services is industry agnostic; it affects every company in every market. Our ability to wield the powerful but complicated digital resources available to us (and our competitors) will directly predict our place in those markets. Companies adopting DevOps practices are outstripping their competitors in speed … Continued