Rick Manelius

Rick Manelius

Rick graduated from MIT with a BS and PhD in Materials Science and Engineering (where he also coached track and field) and quickly became a valued member of the team shortly after joining newmedia in 2012. If you ever want to know about the quantum electrodynamic interactions of carbon nanotube systems, he’s your guy! In addition to his considerable talent in all things technical, his specific expertise is in understanding the big picture, and helping identify challenges and provide solutions long before a problem has a chance to develop. His analogous nickname here is the Swiss Army Knife. Rick’s a software developer, media technologist and project manager, but please don’t ask him to design anything. We all have our limits. Rick loves to learn, share, and connect with like-minded people, and he lives in the greater Denver area with his wife Emily and their dog Linus.

Posts by Rick Manelius:

Reduce the Time to Onboard New Developers with DDEV

Getting new developers up to speed with your procedures and their projects can be a time-consuming and complex process. Unfortunately, we’re still hearing horror stories at events like Drupalcon Nashville, specifically new hires taking as much 1-2 days to get their laptops properly set up and 1-2 weeks of onboarding before they can deliver code … Continued

DDEV-Local Release v0.18.0 – Easier XDebug, Windows installer and more

We’re happy to announce our latest DDEV-Local release v0.18.0. This includes XDebug improvements, more robust Windows support, and smoother upgrade paths. In this post, we’ll take a closer look at what we have for you in this release. Massively simplified XDebug configuration Before, in order to configure XDebug, users had to set a host IP address, … Continued

The Practicality of Project Reference Guides

Managing web development projects at digital agencies involves a lot of moving parts. Projects change hands many times as they move from RFP to proposal, to development, to initial launch and ongoing maintenance. I look at this as part of a DevOps culture mindset; focusing on the smooth flow of information across silos in an … Continued

Come on the Journey from RFP to Release at DrupalCon Nashville

Next week, I’ll be presenting at DrupalCon Nashville. I’d be thrilled to see you at my session. Read on for a taste of what I’ll be sharing. Edited to add: The video is up and available now! Estimates, Expectations, and Evolution During a Project’s Journey from RFP to Release Day: Thursday, 12 April 2018 Time: … Continued

The Website RFP & The Impossible-to-estimate G.I. Joe Line Item

My bold claims: Every requirement within a website RFP can be met with a low, medium, or high level of effort (LOE) solution. While the difference between the low and high requirement is usually measured in single or double digit percentages (e.g., 1-99%), the difference can sometimes span several orders of magnitude (10X to 10,000X). … Continued

DDEV-Local Release v0.16.0

Announcing DDEV-Local Release v0.16.0! Faster default performance and a community contribution that makes users’ first-time setup smoother. We’re always trying to strike a balance between the amount of control we give to you, and how much we take out of your way and handle automatically so you can on with your work. We’re grateful to … Continued

DDEV Adds Support for Backdrop CMS

As part of our ongoing mission to make it easier for individuals and teams to adopt modern, container-based toolsets and workflows, we’re expanding the number of CMSs that we support in DDEV. Today we’re thrilled to add Backdrop CMS to the list! DDEV provides a fast yet robust way to work across multiple projects across … Continued

Real World Performance Gains Using Docker for Mac’s User-guided Cache

With more and more Drupal and WordPress developers turning towards virtualization and containerization for their continuous integration and/or delivery strategy, it becomes increasingly important to make sure their local development tools are easy to use and performant. Unfortunately, developers using those using Docker for Mac on macOS have had to face some fairly steep performance … Continued